• The secrets and procedures about removing rust by electrolysis that 90% of the world doesn’t know . . . the rest does wrong . . . and what it means to you!
  • That electrolysis (or electrolytic) rust removal is simply the easiest, virtually no physical labor method of removing rust and corrosion without using harsh or danger-ous chemicals and acids.
  • Why the electrolysis rust removal process is really the only choice if you want a safe, easy, inexpensive, extremely efficient and environmentally friendly method of complete (down to the molecule) removal of rust and corrosion.
  • Rust removal by the electrolysis process is, by nature, the most complete and thorough method of removing rust with safety. Yet, if you follow certain advice and techniques in many of the online articles and blogs; you, your family members and the environment may risk certain dangers.
  • Learn how you can avoid these hazards and pitfalls, yet reap all of the benefits of electrolytic rust removal by obtaining our comprehensive and well researched “how-to” manual.
  • In the manual we will reveal the one piece of equipment that is left out of most of the systems that are cobbled together and shown on the Internet. The addition of this one component can contribute to a system that could operate nearly twice as efficiently as one without this part.
  • Although the 150 page manual (with 42 pictures, tables and illustrations) is written in easy-to-understand layman’s language, the content is extremely thorough.
  • Once the rust is removed, the manual instructs you on the best methods to keep your treasures “rust free” and even provides a professional formula for an excellent rust-preventative concoction suitable for all types of metal tools and equipment.
  • Your manual will provide you with a list of all the tools, techniques and safety precautions to build two “rust buster systems” that will allow you to safely and completely remove rust the “green” electrolysis way . . . and much, much more!

             Get instant access to reviewing the ultimate and definitive how-to-manual “Remove Rust With Electricity Using Electrolysis”, by simply filling in your first name and primary email address below. Please remember, there is absolutely no obligation to check it out, and I’m convinced you will be glad you did.

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